Mushroom Compost

Types of Mushroom Compost available;

- Well Rotted

- Fresh

What it is,

- A mixture of well rotted horse and chicken manure with a percentage of peat neutralised with powered chalk.

- Analysis shows organic mater is 65%. Ash and minerals 35%

- It can be as much as 2 3 times richer than ordinary well rotted farm manure and it is friable, wood tree and has no obnoxious smell

What it does,

-It will add much needed hormones to your soil and make it help to make a fine tilth

-Used quite heavily as a top dressing it will not only keep weeds down but also prevent the soil drying out.

How much do you need?

50mm (2") Depth Required = 20 Square Metres Covered by 1 Cubic Metre
75mm (3") Depth Required = 13.3 Square Metres Covered by 1 Cubic Metre
100mm (4") Depth Required = 100 Square Metres Covered by 1 Cubic Metre

Quantities and Methods Of Delivery

Mushroom Compost is availabel in the following sizes which are all deliverable or can be picked up from the farm

- 1 Cubic Metre Dumpy Bag


- 25kg Bags

- 12 Cubic Metres
- 6 Cubic Metres
- 3 Cubic Metres